Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Bring on the veggies!

As some of you may know I am getting ready to try to have another baby! Well, I have to take more precautionary steps than most. First I needed to get off my heart meds...check! Now I need to get off my cholesterol meds...O-Oh!
It's widely known that pregnancy increases your cholesterol. And why shouldn't it right? I mean cholesterol is an essential part of developing the brain and who doesn't want to have a baby with a healthy brain? However, it can become an issue when you are blessed with genes that assist in naturally producing a ridiculous amount of cholesterol like myself. So what can one do to help prevent dangerous amounts of cholesterol during pregnancy? Eat more veggies!
At least that's my theory. I figured that if I can have a more vegetable based diet while reducing the amount of animal based protein I will be more successful at controling my cholesterol without meds. Who knows maybe after this adventure I won't need cholesterol meds! That would be great :).
So why blog about it? Well, for one I've decided to do more personal blogging, but also because this will affect the recipes I add to the site. You can expect more veggie based recipes as well as even leaner recipes and tips on reducing the amount of animal protein you are intaking.

Here's to a healthier YOU!